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Cutco makes the perfect gift for family and friends.  Its been American made since 1949 with a Forever Guarantee.  Whether you buy a set of Cutco knives or a single item it is sure to be used daily and appreciated for years to come. Here's some great gift ideas:

Clients/Employees: Cutco makes the perfect corporate gift—quality, useful, and creates long term branding of your company in a classy way. Not many get to say they own the best, but Cutco gifts can be beautifully logo engraved making them tax deductible and fit just about any corporate budget. We specialize in annual employee gifts and Milestone Aware to appreciate your people.  Perfect gift for clients or employees because everyone loves good knives, especially CUTCO knives!  Email me for information on corporate gifts and program details.

Grown Kids: Start the theme of Cutco for Christmas, birthdays and weddings.  You're going to spend money on a gift either way, it might as well be something that is guaranteed to last...FOREVER.  Buy is all in a full set or pieces over time, the kids will appreciate them everyday. After the first year with Cutco knives, they will buy more themselves (hopefully through me:) or be giving you a wishlist for the next occasion. Make the gift out to the couple! Male or female...people love Cutco.

Outdoors Men and Women: Cutco hunting and Cutco-Kabar survival knifes are amazing! Yes we make garden tool too.  Everything can do the weather and hard work, then be return for refurbishment/replacement.  Quickly to be the go-to tools of the backyard or backwoods.

Friends: Cutco makes a very practical and classy gift for everyone. The older people get the harder they get to shop for because they can either buy whatever they want or have it. Taking the tab at dinner is always nice, but even 1 Cutco knife gifted is sure to be used everyday, forever. Consider it as a thank you gift.

Newlyweds: What better time to start the Cutco clock to forever then when two people get married. It will defiantly be one of the best gifts they will receive! Perfect gift that won't be tucked away, but used daily and cherished forever.

Parents/Spouse: Mom and Dad deserve the best too. They've worked hard all their life, it time to make their lives easier and more enjoyable in the kitchen. Cutco is so helpful because it requires less pressure, sure to make time in the kitchen more relaxing.

The bottle of wine or pie only last a night, but an awesome Cutco knife is sure to last and be loved at celebrations throughout the year. The most popular 1 item gift is the Cutco Cheese Knife!  Don't let the name fool you, it really a Farmer's Market knife--fruits, vegetables, and cheese too. It's know as the Non-Stick Knife and its amazing!

Feel free to shop online and/or message and I'll be happy to help you select the perfect gift for you and your loved ones.

Your CUTCO Girl,

Lori C. Reyna
Direct: (877) CUTCO-49

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