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I's a crazy time. There are so many people in varying situations that I struggle to know what to say that could help everyone, even if in only one small way. What I can say for certain in these uncertain times is that I've never doubted (and never will) the resolve we have as humans to thrive. We're all in this together & will pull through.

Having said that, if you are quarantined and following the national guidelines of social distancing like myself, you've probably noticed that you're forced to cook more at home and prep meals in a way you've never had to before the pandemic. We all still have to eat right? Why not have the best tools in the kitchen to make it easier and one less stressful thing to worry about during these unpredictable times?

For the months of April and May, I'm introducing Cutco Virtual Demonstrations, where you can purchase Cutco safely from the comfort of your own home. To show my appreciation for your business & support during these rough times, any purchase of Cutco during the months of April and May will automatically qualify you for a FREE piece of Cutco along with your order (the FREE piece will be discussed with you at the time of your purchase).

If you still want a FREE piece of Cutco of your choice, then here's a quick easy way to receive Cutco just for referring me: If you refer 5 people or more to take 20-25 mins of their time to do a virtual demo, you'll receive a FREE piece of Cutco OF YOUR CHOICE! No limitations at all. It doesn't matter if your referral purchases or not, you'll still receive your FREE piece of Cutco you've had your eye on all this time. Just a way of saying thanks for introducing me to your family & friends that have not had the pleasure of owning the best knives in the world. (Referrals must be 18 yrs or older & have access to a computer, tablet, or laptop.)

Here’s the easiest way to make the introduction. Send a text to them and copy me on it. My cell # is 913-638-1226. Type this or something similar in the text:

“Hey ___, I want to introduce you to my Cutco Girl, Geri. They make the best kitchen knives I’ve ever had. Expensive but worth every dollar…sharp, made in America, guaranteed, etc. If you’re open to taking a look at them, Geri's offering free virtual demos of the products, no pressure to buy, but cool deals if you do. She’s a fun gal so I think it will be entertaining too. She’s copied on this, so let us know if you are cool with her sending you a quick text to see if you’d be open to scheduling a virtual appointment.”

On my site, you can browse products, read reviews, and watch Cutco videos. Looking for yourself and for gifts? Cutco has many options and gift recipients love getting a beautiful product they'll use often and have forever. And they'll always remember YOU gave it to them.

And finally, always remember, if I can be of any service at all, I'm only a phone call, quick text, or email away!! Also if you have an upcoming wedding, birthday or special occasion, this is the place to find that perfect gift your friends and loved ones will enjoy forever.

Cutco Cutlery: Everything is Guaranteed Forever