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Hi and welcome to Cutco! This is the place to buy Cutco online!

The Facts: Over 70 years in business, MADE IN AMERICA, Guaranteed FOREVER with over 19 million customers!

Thank you for your support in purchasing American-made products!

ABOUT Tara Michielli:

Rep since: 2008

Awards: Cutco Hall of Fame, Cutco Sales Professional

Where she does business: all over the USA including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico

Favorite Knives: Hardy Slicer, Birds Beak, Santoku Style Knives

What's exciting this year for her: #1 Rep for Big Sky Division, #2 in her region and #15 in the Nation

Favorite thing about Cutco: "That it literally lasts FOREVER and makes a great gift!"

Whether shopping for an upcoming wedding, birthday or you simply want something nice for yourself, you need to look no further than Cutco.

Questions? Simply select "CONTACT ME" located next to Tara's name above.

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